About us:

Trade company ELSATRADE doo Sarajevo was founded on 21.01.1991.
Headquarters: Sarajevo, Vogošća, Igmanska bb, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The main line of work is import-export, wholesale and retail of electrical material and equipment, as well as other technical products for small businesses and households.
Quality control system ISO 9001-2008.
ELSATRADE doo has a warehouse, offices, two retail shops and car park.
ELSATRADE doo does business in whole BiH, and in previous years has exported goods to Libya, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia and Algeria.
The majority of sales program is from countries of EU, while minority is from domestic producers.
ELSATRADE doo operates with their suppliers on the basis of long-term sales contracts, representation contracts, distribution agreements as well as agreements on business and technical cooperation.
Banking operations are realized through " INTESA SANPAOLO BANK" BIH dd," SBERBANK" BIH,dd and "TURKISH ZIRAAT BANK" BIH dd based on long-term contracts.